On March 29th, Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting’s “Aluminum and Magnesium New Future” Innovation Technology Seminar was successfully held in Jinan, Shandong. The conference brought cutting-edge technology and application knowledge sharing to local die-casting industry customers, helping to develop the industry’s new quality productive forces.

After the meeting, Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting reached die-casting machine purchase agreements with several local die-casting factories and immediately held a signing ceremony, demonstrating the determination of both sides to deepen cooperation in the die-casting industry.

In recent years, the new energy vehicle industry has risen rapidly, and the demand for lightweight has become increasingly prominent. Against this backdrop, die casting and thixomolding technologies, due to their unique advantages, are being applied more widely in the automotive field, bringing new development opportunities to the die-casting industry. At the same time, the rise of “integrated die casting” technology is profoundly transforming the body manufacturing process, bringing unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the entire industry. The thixomolding technology further advances the lightweight process, providing more possibilities for the future development of automobile manufacturing.

At the seminar, technical experts from Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting, in collaboration with leading figures from the upstream and downstream industrial chain, jointly shared the latest technological innovations in the die-casting field. These innovations include integrated die-casting technology, thixomolding technology, machining solutions, metal 3D printing, integrated solutions for die-casting peripherals, coating solutions, and vacuum and mold temperature technology, etc. Their excellent presentations and in-depth discussions provided a feast of ideas for the attendees.

Zhou Lianjun, a senior application specialist at Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting, conducted an in-depth analysis of the market development trends for die-casting structural components, focusing on “integrated die-casting”. He also discussed the core technologies of the HDC series of ultra-large die-casting machines and efficient die-casting cluster solutions. Currently, nearly twenty HDC series ultra-large die-casting machines are in production at customer sites.

Mr. Ge Qiwei, the Director of the Thixomolding Product Line at Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting, shared the technical principles of the HMG thixomolding machine, as well as its advantages in safety, environmental protection, and efficiency. In terms of product application areas, the scope of thixomolding technology includes but is not limited to automotive display backplates, seat frames, laptop cases, and bicycle front forks. It is also about to be applied in products such as automotive CCB brackets, inner door panels, and automobile motor housings. This sharing session also previewed the planning for models of the HMG series with a capacity of over 3000 tons, showcasing the equipment support of the thixomolding mold testing center, which can provide mold testing and small-scale production services.

After the seminar, Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting held a die-casting machine procurement signing ceremony with several local die-casting customers. This significant moment not only marks a further deepening of cooperation between both parties but also signifies that Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting has taken a more solid and powerful step in its development in the Shandong region.

This year, Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting will also hold innovation technology seminars in Zhejiang, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, and other places, closely following the market pulse. They plan to share cutting-edge industry trends with local and surrounding customers, deeply aligning with the actual needs of the customers.

We firmly believe that through the sharing of innovative technologies and leading application solutions, Haitian Zhisheng Die Casting will advance hand in hand with customers to create a better future together.