From May 22-24, the 3rd China International Automotive Lightweight Aluminum and Magnesium Application Conference was held in Hefei, Anhui. Haitian Die Casting was invited to share a technical report titled “Application and Future of Thixomolding Technology in Automotive Lightweighting”.

This forum was jointly organized by the Anhui Society of Automotive Engineers, China Die Casting Network, and AFT Automotive Foundry Technology Platform, with special support from the International Magnesium Association, German Lightweighting, Shanghai Automotive Industry Association Automotive Foundry Branch, and renowned car manufacturers such as NIO and BYD. Under the theme “Gather – Aluminum and Magnesium, Create – the Future,” the forum deeply explored the latest technologies and applications in automotive lightweighting. The conference featured 58 presentations covering areas such as die casting, technology, processes, machining, molds, materials, equipment, and market trends, attracting over a thousand industry representatives from across the country.

On the first day of the forum, Mr. Hong Jianwen, Vice General Manager of Haitian Die Casting, delivered an insightful speech on “The Application and Future of Thixomolding Technology in Automotive Lightweighting.” He provided an in-depth analysis of material selection, equipment configuration, process principles, and market prospects. He highlighted that China’s magnesium ore reserves account for nearly 70% of the global total, giving it a significant strategic position. Thanks to the active participation of state-owned enterprises, the price of magnesium alloys has remained stable, laying a solid foundation for the booming magnesium market.


With the deep involvement of top domestic research institutions, a rich variety of high-quality magnesium alloy materials have been developed to meet the needs of different industries. The diversification thixomolding machines also offers more possibilities for its forming processes. Given magnesium alloy’s lightweight and active properties, safe production is particularly important. The introduction of thixomolding technology significantly enhances the safety of the production process, further expanding the magnesium market.

Thixomolding technology, with its significant advantages of being environmentally friendly, low-carbon, safe, reliable, high-quality, low-temperature, and energy-saving, has been widely applied in the automotive field. This technology is seen in intelligent cockpits, interior structural parts, three-electric systems, and body structural components, contributing to significant lightweighting effects and improving the energy efficiency and performance of vehicles.

Haitian Die Casting is committed to innovation and creating high-quality thixomolding equipment, contributing to the construction of a low-carbon and environmentally friendly society. We firmly believe that through technological innovation and deep cooperation across the industrial chain, we can powerfully advance the goals of lightweighting and energy efficiency improvement in new energy vehicles.