On May 25th, Haitian Die Casting proudly hosted the “New Future of Aluminum and Magnesium” Innovation Technology Seminar in Chongqing. This seminar brought together numerous industry experts, including notable guests such as Jiang Bin, Director of the Light Metal Research Institute of Chongqing University, and Ma Minghai, Executive Vice President of Merison Technology. The event attracted over 160 die casting industry elites from the local and surrounding areas, collectively witnessing technological innovations and future trends in the industry.

In his opening speech, Yue Xiaodong, General Manager of Haitian Die Casting, extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the distinguished guests. He emphasized that Haitian Die Casting consistently adheres to the development philosophy of “innovation-driven, quality-first,” providing customers with high-performance and cost-effective die casting equipment and application solutions. Additionally, the company actively builds technical exchange platforms to share the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies.

Yue also revealed that Haitian Die Casting currently has nearly twenty ultra-large die casting machines operating stably at customer sites, demonstrating exceptional performance. The technology for ultra-large die casting machines, particularly those exceeding ten thousand tons, has entered the testing phase and has shown excellent results.

In the field of magnesium alloy thixomolding, the company plans to launch two revolutionary ultra-large models, the HMG3600 and HMG5000, this year. These models will set new records for the largest magnesium alloy thixomolding machines for two consecutive years, significantly enhancing injection volume and molding quality, and setting new industry benchmarks.

The seminar featured in-depth discussions on die casting process technology, magnesium alloy thixomolding technology, intelligent factory solutions, aluminum die cast machining, and metal 3D printing. It showcased the latest industry developments and application cases, promoting deep exchanges and cooperation along the industry chain.

Notably, Mr. Xu Cheng, Chief Die Casting Expert of Merison Technology, and Mr. Yang Yu, Deputy General Manager of Arai Seisakusho (China) Business Center, provided attendees with an in-depth understanding of die casting process technology. They shared extensive production practice experiences and cutting-edge trends, offering valuable references and guidance for the die casting industry’s upgrade.

Haitian Die Casting will continue to strengthen technical exchanges and market insights, continuously innovating to meet the growing demands for aluminum and magnesium forming processes. Leveraging globally competitive die casting and thixomolding equipment, we aim to support industry development and explore the limitless possibilities of lightweight innovation.