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Haitan Die Casting

Founded in 1966, with over 50 years of growth through entrepreneurial brilliance, Haitian Group has developed into a holding company with multi-national operation and total assets exceeding RMB23 billion. The Group now has mainly covered five industries, namely plastics machinery (“Haitian International Holdings Limited” listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange), CNC machines (“Ningbo Haitian Precision Holdings Limited” listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange), drive and control systems (“Haitian Drive”), die casting machines (“Haitian Die Casting”) and smart solutions (“Haitian Smart”).

Haitian Die Casting is one of the industries of Haitian Group, adhering to philosophy and management concept of Haitian Group, and maintaining technical innovation and win-win cooperations to provide customers with complete sets of high-pressure casting equipment and complete solutions with superior cost performance.
In the middle of 2021, new die casting machine production base of Haitian Die Casting in Beilun, Ningbo, with the total investment of $160 million and an area of 139 acres has been put into operation. It can produce a full series of cold chamber die casting machines with clamping force of 180T-8000T. After the base is fully put into use, it will have an annual production capacity of 4000 die casting machines.

Introduction of the new Thixomolding HMG Series and Premier of the HMG3000-probably largest Thixomolding machine so far


Global Application Center HDC8800T mold test unit is enabled


Delivery of the first 8800t die casting machine


Delivery of the first 8800T die-casting machine


Haitian Die Casting Free Trade Zone base officially opened


Haitian Die Casting global application center opened


Further Investments


Haitian Group invests 160 million USD in a new plant for diecasting production at tax-bonded area of Ningbo

Second place award for Outstanding Die Casting Machine in China 2017


Completion of development of HDM1650


Completion of development of HDM1650, which applies the imported short unit from Germany and start of trial production

Creating new workspace


Establishment of branch offices, after-sale service centers and spare parts centers at 18 places throughout China

Introduction conference of HDC series cold chamber diecasting machine


Completion of development of full range of HDC series from 180T-1300T and start of scale production


HDC300 cold chamber diecasting machine made its first show on “Haitian Show”


Ningbo Haitian Die Casting Equipment Co., Ltd. is established


Ningbo Haitian Die Casting Equipment Co., Ltd. is established in Xiaogang, Beilun, and starts to develop the first generation of cold chamber diecasting machines.

The journey begins


Haitian Group starts to make market studies in the die casting industry