From May 17-18, Haitian Die Casting successfully held the third “New Future for Aluminum and Magnesium” Innovative Technology Seminar of 2024 in Jiangmen City, Guangdong. This seminar brought together numerous die-casting manufacturers from the Pearl River Delta region, attracting over 120 industry elites to discuss the latest developments in the aluminum-magnesium alloy field.

The seminar focused on die-casting and thixomolding technologies, gathering many industry experts and high-quality equipment suppliers to explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Through in-depth exchanges and demonstrations, the event injected new vitality into the industry and provided strong momentum for continuous development and innovation.

At the event, Mr. Wang Cheng’an, Global Marketing Deputy Director of Haitian Die Casting, delivered an excellent opening speech. He emphasized the company’s commitment to customer-centric principles, continuously pursuing excellent product quality and service standards, and aiming to deeply cultivate the local market to create more value for customers. The seminar aimed to establish a platform for communication and cooperation, share the latest die-casting technologies, and jointly promote the industry’s prosperity and development.

The seminar explored into the latest breakthroughs and advancements in various sub-fields of the industry, starting from die-casting structural solutions and magnesium alloy injection molding solutions. Multiple suppliers showcased their high-quality products, technical solutions, and application cases. In addition to die-casting and thixomolding equipment displays, the seminar also extensively covered cutting-edge achievements in vacuum technology, machining, automation integration, micro-spray technology, mold temperature control, and 3D printing. The goal was to present participants with a comprehensive, in-depth overview of the industry’s latest dynamics, ensuring a more complete grasp of industry trends.

The following day, Haitian Die Casting warmly invited guests to visit Haitian’s South China headquarters, allowing them to experience Haitian’s production strength and technological level firsthand. As a crucial part of Haitian’s domestic dual-center model, the South China headquarters spans over 300,000 square meters. Moving forward, Haitian Die Casting plans to establish an application service center at the South China headquarters, focusing on application and strengthening services to create a fast-response service circle in the Pearl River Delta region.

In 2024, Haitian Die Casting’s “New Future for Aluminum and Magnesium” Innovative Technology Seminar series will continue, with plans to expand to Chongqing, Anhui, Jiangsu, and other regions in May and June. We eagerly look forward to gathering with more industry peers to discuss trends, deepen strategic cooperation, and jointly write a new chapter in aluminum-magnesium alloy forming.