From May 13-15, the 2024 Magnesium Industry Chain and Magnesium Market Forum was grandly held in Suzhou. This forum was co-hosted by Shangmei Network and Shanghai Nonferrous Network, with support from the National Magnesium Center, Baowu Magnesium Industry, and other units. It brought together over 600 specialists from the upstream and downstream of the magnesium industry to explore new paths for constructing a sustainable and high-quality magnesium industry and value chain.

As an important co-organizer, Haitian Die Casting deeply participated in the forum, not only sharing the latest thixomolding solutions but also announcing a series of significant “Thixomolding Equipment Development Plans”.

The forum focused on the comprehensive development of the magnesium industry, deeply analyzing material innovation, advanced equipment technology, process innovation, and policy environment. It also explored the significant application potential of magnesium in automotive, communication technology, and 3C products. Notably, Pan Fusheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech, infusing the entire event with profound academic insights and a forward-looking perspective.

Hong Jianwen, Deputy General Manager of Haitian Die Casting, delivered a speech at the forum’s opening ceremony, emphasizing that the company’s HMG series thixomolding machines have been highly recognized by the market since their launch, thanks to the company’s strong R&D capabilities and rich experience.

He also revealed that Haitian Die Casting plans to launch large-tonnage models HMG3600 and HMG5000 this year, and soon, introduce revolutionary “thick-walled thixomolding technology,” further expanding the magnesium alloy market and paving new paths for large magnesium alloy products such as automotive CCB brackets and inner door panels, as well as thick-walled magnesium alloy products like motor housings and electronic control boxes.

In a special report, Mr. Ge Qiwei shared in-depth insights into the process, equipment innovation, and broad application prospects of thixomolding. The HMG series thixomolding machines stand out in the market with their excellent performance in high injection precision, high efficiency, energy-saving, and long-lasting barrels.

Compared to traditional die-casting processes, magnesium injection technology has five advantages: environmental friendliness, safety, low temperature, energy-saving, and high quality. Currently, thixomolding technology has extended to fields such as intelligent cockpits, vehicle interior structural parts, three-electric shells, and body structural parts, showing tremendous market potential. For example, using thixomolding technology for CCB brackets reduces their weight by about 60% compared to steel parts, simplifies the structure, integrates what originally required 30 to 60 parts into a single piece, and demonstrates excellent deformation performance, lightweight, and high precision, with exceptional product consistency.

At the forum, Haitian Die Casting showcased various magnesium alloy products, including CCB brackets, triple-screen back panels, and seat frames, along with customized magnesium injection solutions, attracting many guests for on-site exchanges and consultations.

As China’s “strategic reserve metal,” magnesium shows great potential in the new era. Haitian Die Casting will continue to lead innovation, deepen the R&D of thixomolding equipment, explore the potential of magnesium materials in lightweight and new productivity, and help the magnesium industry reach broader horizons.