On April 23, another HMG3000 thixomolding machine by Haitian Die Casting was shipped out, destined for the production base of Jubao Precision Machining (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. This model, as one of the largest thixomolding machines in the industry, has attracted widespread attention since its introduction. With multiple HMG3000 units successfully delivered and put into use, the HMG series of thixomolding machines have gradually gained broad market recognition and favor.

The HMG3000, an innovative creation launched by Haitian Die Casting in May 2023, became the largest thixomolding machine globally at that time. With the strong dual support of joint development and independent innovation capabilities at Haitian Die Casting, this model has achieved high-quality batch production of magnesium alloy injection molding, injecting more vitality and possibilities into the lightweight application of magnesium alloys.

The HMG series models are selling hotly, with dozens of HMG series models already successfully delivered to magnesium alloy manufacturers nationwide. As a safer and more environmentally friendly method of magnesium alloy molding, it is rapidly expanding its application fields and bringing products higher density and superior mechanical properties, making it highly favored in the market.

Haitian Die Casting continues to forge ahead on the path of technological innovation. This year, the company plans to launch thixomolding machines with capacities over 3000 tons, equipped with extra-large diameter screws to enhance production quality and molding capabilities.

Looking even further into the future, thixomolding machines with capacities over 5000 tons are also included in the development plans. Haitian Die Casting will continue to explore and provide customers with high-quality, reliable lightweight solutions, working together with customers towards a better future.