On March 19th and 20th, the 4th AEE2024 New Energy Vehicle Die Casting Technology Conference was successfully held in Hefei. The conference focused on the development trends and current status of integrated die casting for new energy vehicle bodies and structural parts, large-sized die casting equipment, production lines and its smart solutions. Popular topics such as material and molds, software, and efficiency and cost reduction through integrated die casting were thoroughly examined. Mr. Zhou Lianjun, Senior Application Specialist of Haitian Zhisheng Die-Casting Equipment Co., Ltd. (Haitian Die Casting), was invited to deliver an insightful technical presentation.

As is known to all, integrated die casting, a lightweight frontier technology which reduces cost and enhance efficiency, is boosting a new revolution in automotive manufacturing. Haitian Zhisheng pioneered the HDC8800T super large intelligent die casting machine as early as 2021, which offers a deeply customizable integrated die casting solution.

Mr. Zhou Lianjun, from Haitian Zhisheng, delivered a speech titled “Comprehensive Solutions for Integrated Die Casting and Thixomolding Technology,” in which he delved into the efficient integrated die casting island solutions launched by Haitian Die Casting. Zhou also introduced how the Haitian Group has developed a series of innovative technologies in the field of “integrated die casting”.  These innovations include 3D printing technologies for die casting molds, specialized solutions for integrated die casting components, and smart factory solutions. These technologies together form a comprehensive and detailed “Integrated Die Casting Intelligent Manufacturing Solution” that helps customers achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency, vitalizing the industry’s sustainable development.

Additionally, Mr. Zhou delved into Haitian Zhisheng’s newly introduced thixomolding technology and its broad application prospects. As a novel process, this technology simplifies the forming of magnesium alloys as if they were being injection-molded while ensuring the safety, making it one of the most promising technological processes in the 21st century.

Thixomolding machines eliminate the need for traditional melting furnaces and SF6 protective gases, thus protecting the environment and significantly reducing safety risks during production. Furthermore, the porosity inside the product is effectively reduced, and the density is significantly improved, thereby endowing the product with better mechanical properties.

Currently, Haitian Die Casting’s HMG series thixomolding machines are performing excellently in the production of various products such as car display back panels and car seat frames, earning high praise from customers. Equipment for larger products, like CCB brackets and car door inner panels, is also being developed and put into production in an orderly manner.

To meet the extensive trial molding needs of customers, the company has established a professional mold testing center for thixomolding machine, equipped with four sets of machines ranging from 700 to 3,000 ton of different specifications, providing customers with mold testing and production training services.

For years, China’s new energy vehicle industry has flourished, with continuous breakthrough growth since 2021. Driven by the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, the demand for lightweight new energy vehicles has surged, undoubtedly setting higher standards and requirements for integrated die casting technology. To keep pace with this trend, Haitian Die Casting will invest more in technological research and development, actively promote industrial upgrading, and remain unwaveringly innovative-driven, striving to explore the market and meet the industry’s growing needs of lightweight equippments.