From February 28 to March 2, “EUROGUSS MEXICO” was held in Guadalajara International Exhibition Center, Mexico. The exhibition is one of the most professional exhibitions in the die casting industry, with a strong influence in the international market, committed to displaying advanced products and technologies of the whole casting industry chain. Haitian Die Casting brought its star products and solutions to make a significant appearance at this exhibition.

Exhibition live

During the three-day exhibition, Haitian Die Casting displayed a HDC 700/RTC high performance die casting machine with double closed-loop full real-time control system and its peripherals, presenting Haitian Die Casting’s advanced technology and full set of efficient solutions to the audience. As the only die casting machine manufacturer with on-site equipment display in this exhibition, Haitian Die Casting’s booth attracted a large number of customers to visit and interact with each other.

Die casting technology sharing

During the same period, several professional die casting conferences were held, attended by Haitian Die Casting’s representatives Filiberto and Rogelio who delivered keynote speeches on solutions for automotive structural members to introduce the manufacturing capabilities of Haitian Die Casting’s super large die casting machines above 6000T to make the audience further understand the technical characteristics and advantages of Haitian.

Haitian Mexico Factory tour

During the exhibition, we led some of our customers to visit Haitian Mexico factory. During the factory tour, the customer experienced Haitian Group’s strong equipment processing and manufacturing strength from zero distance to deepen their understanding of Haitian’s diversified industries, providing us with a good opportunity to deeply understand the needs of customers in the field of die casting and provide personalized solutions.

In recent years, Mexico, with automotive and metallurgical industries having continued to grow, is the world’s seventh largest automotive manufacturer and the world’s fourth largest automotive exporter, with huge die casting market demand and broad development prospects. In the future, Haitian Die Casting will continue to cultivate the Mexican market, and with its profound technology accumulation and localization advantages, it will be fully close to the local customer needs to provide more tailor-made complete solutions for local customers and create excellent value.