On November 11, Anhui Yongtai and Haitian Die Casting signed a strategic cooperation agreement and held a signing ceremony at the base of Haitian Die Casting’s Free Trade Zone. Representatives of Anhui Yongtai and Haitian Die Casting attended the signing ceremony, including Li Xiang, General Manager of Anhui Yongtai, Qi Xujun, Manager of Anhui Yongtai Die Casting Business Unit, Le Xiaodong, General Manager of Haitian Die Casting, Qian Jiale, Regional Sales Manager of Haitian Die Casting, and Shao Feng, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Shengshuo.

According to the agreement, Anhui Yongtai will purchase about 30 sets of Haitian Die Casting’s 300T-7000T intelligent die casting units in batches in the future, and establish a strategic partnership with Haitian Die Casting. The Parties will give full play to the advantages of their respective industrial platforms in the cooperation, improve each other’s market competitiveness and brand influence, and adhere to the basic principles of good communication, mutual trust and support for mutual benefit and win-win development.

Anhui Yongtai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating casting, forging, mold design, sheet metal stamping, cold heading, CNC precision machining, heat treatment, electrophoretic spraying and other industries. Anhui Yongtai, first founded in 1996, now has about 200mu site and more than 400 employees after 26 years of unremitting efforts. Having been adhering to the concept of “integrity, dedication, pragmatism and innovation”, striving for excellence and constantly forging ahead, Anhui Yongtai provides high-quality auto parts and other products for many well-known automobile manufacturers around the world.

With the continuous development of new energy and lightweight trends of automobiles, Anhui Yongtai actively responds to the national strategic plan, expands its industrial layout and enriches its product structure to provide customers with more high-quality, preciser and richer auto parts products.

As a leading domestic die casting equipment supplier, Haitian Die Casting always adheres to technological innovation and win-win cooperation, and engages in deep technical cooperation with upstream and downstream industries, being committed to providing customers with cost-effective die casting complete equipment and complete solutions and helping the industry develop towards a high-level and high-quality direction.