In mid-October 2022, Haitian Mexico grandly held its first Open Day at its Guadalajara factory in Jalisco. During the three-day event, more than 300 new and existing customers came to visit and discuss and share Haitian’s cutting-edge technologies. Haitian Die Casting, as one of the industries of Haitian Group, unveiled its HDC350T die casting machine at this event.

Wonderful review

During the Open Day, Haitian Die Casting demonstrated a set of HDC350T die casting machine and its surrounding automation at the event, and brought a variety of targeted die casting application solutions for the local market demand.

In recent years, Haitian Die Casting has not only continued to focus on the field of super large die casting machines, but also mass-produced HDC7000T and HDC8800T super large die casting machines, and it has collected a lot of feedback from the users, and concentrated on development, optimization and upgrading in the field of small- and medium-sized die casting machines to create new HDC small and medium-sized die casting machines.

Cost-effective die casting solutions–HDC small- and medium-sized die casting machine (180T-850T)

  • The exquisite injection system, with excellent injection acceleration and stability, can meet the production needs of different specifications of die castings
  • Equipped with intelligent KEBA control system and injection curve and intelligent high-quality function, it brings an easy-to-use and better operating experience
  • Haitian’s high-performance servo power system with EtherCAT real-time bus control technology provides more accurate digital communication control and significant energy saving
  • Strong clamping structure and optimized five-point mechanical structure make mold clamping and unclamping more accurate, more efficient and more durable to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment

In addition, customers also learned about other products of Haitian Group and their application demonstrations, such as Haitian International’s various injection molding solutions and Haitian Precision’s CNC machine tools, etc. on this Open Day.

As an important die casting market in the Americas, Mexico has a large market demand and broad development prospects thanks to factors such as nearshore strategy and rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market. Since Haitian Die Casting entered the Mexican market in 2019, its die casting machine business has achieved rapid growth with advanced and high-quality die casting equipment and a perfect and high-quality service network.

In the future, Haitian Die Casting will continue to rely on the advantages of Haitian Group’s platform, face different production needs, be close to the local market and provide a wealth of die casting machinery and equipment and a full set of solutions to and create more value for global customers.