From September 28 to 30, “FUNDIEXPO2022” (Fundiexpo Monterey, Mexico) was successfully held in AC International Business Center in Monterrey, Mexico. Haitian Die Casting exhibited an HDC550/RTC high-performance die casting unit and a variety of die casting solutions.

FUNDIEXPO is the most important expo for the foundry industry in Mexico. Haitian Die Casting exhibited for the first time and became one of the sponsors of this expo. In addition, this was the debut of HDC/RTC die casting machine equipped with real-time control technology in Mexico.

Innovative Technology · HDC/RTC

Equipment suitable for high-standard die casting production: –HDC550/RTC high-performance die casting machine

The industry-leading dual closed-loop full real-time control injection system brings extraordinary injection performance and meets the needs of demanding die casting production with a highly stable and high-quality injection process.

With strong clamping structure and optimized five-point mechanical structure, it is more accurate, more efficient and more durable to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

Intelligent KEBA control system with good expandability brings intelligent and easy-to-use operation experience with powerful functions.

Exhibition live

Mr. Jose Barroso and Mr. Jose Antonio Barroso, the representatives of Haitian Die Casting Mexico, and the sales and after-sales service team of Die Casting Department attended this expo together with Mr. Wang Zhenkun, Regional Sales Manager of Haitian Die Casting (China) in Americas and Mr. Le Jiabo, After Sales Service Manager of Haitian Die Casting Mexico. In addition, Mr. Glenn Frohring and Mr. Nathan Simth from Haitian (USA) also participated in this expo.

In terms of overseas layout, Haitian Die Casting will further cultivate North America, and will soon launch die casting machine products and its peripheral die-casting equipment in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Mexico is one of the countries that benefits most from the nearshore strategy, and many manufacturers seeking to bring their supply chains closer to the end market have invested in Mexico. On the other hand, the new energy vehicle market in Mexico will grow rapidly. In the future, Mexico’s aluminum die casting industry will most likely experience exponential growth.

Since Haitian Die Casting gradually entered the Mexican market in 2019, it has sold more than 30 die casting machines ranging from 180 tons to 1,650 tons to about 12 customers across Mexico.

After participating in this year’s FUNDIEXPO, Haitian Die Casting received several new and intended orders for die casting machines and directly booked a VIP booth for the next FUNDIEXPO 2025, which will be held in Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico.

Haitian Die Casting’s next expo in Mexico will be EUROGUSS MEXICO 2023, which will be held next year in Guadalajara from February 28 to March 2.

Equip the world

Facing the global market, Haitian Die Casting always stays close to the market, insists on technological innovation and constantly iterates and upgrades in die casting machine intelligence, enlargement and performance to meet the growing production needs of customers. In addition, it gradually establishes a perfect domestic and international sales and service network, and devotes itself to providing global customers with high-end die-casting complete equipment and complete solutions with superior cost performance.