From September 26 to 28, 2022, the “2022 (4th) China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum” was held at Sheraton Ningbo Donggang Sheraton Hotel, Zhejiang. Haitian Die Casting was invited to participate in the meeting and won the “2022 Integrated Die Casting Achievement Award” at the meeting.

The meeting was co-organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Association, Suzhou Die Casting Association and Shanghai Nonferrous Metal Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.

2022 Integrated Die Casting Achievement Award

In the forum, after the preliminary selection, public announcement and expert panel evaluation, Haitian Die Casting’s HDC super large die casting machine series was selected as “2022 Integrated Die Casting Achievement Award”.

The main models currently available for mass production in the Haitian Die Casting’s HDC super large die casting machine series are HDC7000T and HDC8800T. The mature three template technology is adopted for the mold clamping structure, which brings more balanced and reliable mold locking force. The application of the dual closed-loop full real-time control injection system in the super large die casting machine series brings more advanced, precise, and stable injection performance to the injection process, perfectly matching the complex integrated die casting molding process.

Help integrated die casting

On the morning of September 28, “Automotive Large Scale Integrated Die Casting Development Forum” was held in the sub-venue of the conference. Mr. Zhou Lianjun, Senior Application Expert of Haitian Die Casting, made a report themed by the Application of Haitian Die Casting’s Large Die Casting Machine and Magnesium Alloy Injection Molding Machine in Automobile Lightweight.

Guided by the development of automobile lightweight, Mr. Zhou Lianjun introduced the advantages of integrated die casting molding and the development trend of the industry from multiple angles, and described the complete set of solutions for Haitian metal integrated die casting molding. The content of the report was wonderful and detailed, which brought a technical feast to the conference and received unanimous praise from the audience.

Haitian Die Casting’s Global Application Center 2.0 is co-witnessed

In the afternoon of September 28, the advanced equipment delegation of this auto meeting came to Haitian Die Casting’s Free Trade Zone Base for a visit to understand Haitian Die Casting’s powerful processing and manufacturing capabilities, and witnessed the HDC8800T die casting island in Haitian Die Casting’s Global Application Center, which was just built.

Equip the future

In the future, Haitian Die Casting will continue to explore the field of integrated die casting molding. While developing larger tonnage die casting equipment, we will continue to invest in research and development, and integrate upstream and downstream industrial chain resources to ensure the continuous and stable operation of die casting island, improve yield rate, reduce cycle time, and strive to create greater economic benefits for customers’ actual production.