On June 29, Chongqing Millison Technology Co., Ltd., an important strategic partner of Haitian Die Casting, held a mass production ceremony and technical exchange meeting of 8800T ultra-large body structural members in the local area.

Zhang Jianming, President of Haitian Group, was invited to attend and delivered a speech: The mass production of 8800T super-large body structural members is not only the result of the in-depth cooperation between Haitian and Millison, but also will be transformed into the driving force for us to further deepen strategic cooperation and achieve new breakthroughs. In the future, Haitian will continue to adhere to the principle of “quality first”, and give full play to the advantages of the Group’s machinery industry’s ecological chain to overcome larger and more challenging die-casting solutions such as 12000T, 16000T, and even 20000T, so as to provide more innovative contributions to the development of automobile lightweighting. At the end of August this year, Haitian’s new ultra-large die-casting equipment application experience center will be put into use, and we look forward to working with our customers and partners to write a new chapter in the vigorous development of the die-casting industry!

This super-large body structural members adopts Haitian Die Casting’s integrated die-casting molding for 8800T ultra-large intelligent die-casting machine, which simplifies dozens of parts and dozens of complex processes that originally need to be riveted, stamped, welded and forged, and realizes the purpose of integration and lightweight of the rear floor.

Haitian Die Casting has been preparing for the super-large die casting machine project since 2019. This HDC8800T ultra-large die casting machine is a collection of the superior resources of Haitian Group and built with the ultimate ingenuity. Haitian’s team worked closely together to assemble the whole machine within 45 days and achieve a successful test run. Since the equipment arrived in Chongqing on December 17 last year, Haitian and Millison teams have worked together to efficiently install and commission the equipment, and finally won the recognition of customers with excellent and stable product quality.

Strategic signing

At this event, Millison Technology and Haitian Die Casting signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Bulk Purchase and Joint Development of Large Die Casting Machine and Magnesium Alloy Injection Molding Equipment. Both parties will open more comprehensive cooperation and jointly promote the new trend of industrial development.

Technology sharing

In the subsequent technical exchange meeting, Xu Jianhua, Technical Director of Haitian Casting Machine, was invited to participate and share the theme report of Integrated Die Casting Solution for Haitian 8800T Die Casting Machine, which received unanimous praise from the on-site audience.