On June 18, the “Ceremony for Completion of Haitian Die Casting Ningbo Bonded Area Base & the Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation on Ultra-large Die Casting Machines” was held at Ningbo Beilun Port Comprehensive Bonded Area, on which Haitian Die Casting signed the strategic cooperative agreements on ultra-large die casting machines respectively with Ningbo Xusheng Auto Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Millison Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Huihan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

At the ceremony, over 300 people – cooperative partners and clients of Haitian Die Casting, as well as media friends – were present, including Yan Rongjie, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Bonded Zone and Director of the Administrative Committee, Zhang Jianming, President of Haitian Group, Yue Xiaodong, General Manager of Haitian Die Casting, and Yu Yajun, President of Millison Technology.

01 Found a new base and create a new start

It is learned that Haitian Die Casting Ningbo Bonded Area Base is built on the floor area of 139mu with total investment of US$ 160 million and covered area about 75,000m2 and is a base integrating the customization, processing, production, after sales, die trial and personnel training with regard to complete set of large die casting machines and providing holistic solutions for die castings.

Imported large floor-type boring and milling machine of SKODA

The base applied with advanced production equipment and technologies is designed scientifically in such aspects as production capacity, product, logistics, intelligent manufacturing, application center and environmental protection and makes sufficient use of digitalized platforms and flow manufacturing mode to gradually enable the annual production capacity of 4,000 die casting machines. The maximum tonnage of machines manufactured in the base could be 6600T and 8800T, which could meet the requirement for ultra-large die casting machines used in industries of lightweight of automotive, new energy vehicles, and 5G communications.

02 Leaders’ address and grand opening of the ceremony

Speech from Yue Xiaodong, General Manager of Haitian Die Casting

In the speech he indicated that: Haitian Die Casting Ningbo Bonded Area Base has a far-reaching significance on expansion of production capacity, market development and comprehensive transformation and upgrading. Haitian Die Casting will seize the development opportunity and build our product into the most competitive and cost-effective die casting equipment worldwide, thus making positive contributions to the flourishing die casting industry of our country.

Speech from Yu Yajun, President of Chongqing Millison Technology Co., Ltd.

In the speech, he sent warm congratulations: Haitian Die Casting is an outstanding national enterprise, a trustworthy partner, and a good brother! The launch of this new base in Ningbo Bonded Area marks the transformation of Haitian Die Casting, is a milestone in boosting intelligent manufacture, and sets a new pole for and a new force in Chinese equipment industry! I wish Haitian Die Casting will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services and strive for the common goal of thriving development of Chinese intelligent manufacture worldwide!

Speech from Zhang Jianming, President of Haitian Group

On the site, he showed gratitude for friends and partners from all walks of life in support of the base construction and delivered a speech: Haitian Die Casting will take this opportunity and forge ahead with determination to realize intensive operation of metal forming equipment. Make sustained innovations in technologies, design and manufacture the die casting machine boasting the maximum tonnage globally, provide the highly-efficient, durable and intelligent ultra-large high-end die casting equipment and do all we can to be the bellwether in die casting industry.

Speech from Yan Rongjie, Director of the Administrative Committee of Ningbo Bonded Area and Secretary of the Party Working Committee

In the speech, he stressed: Since the start of construction of Haitian Die Casting project in 2019, Haitian people have overcome the influence of the epidemic, raced against time, made breakthroughs in die casting equipment simultaneously with the construction and obtained significant results. They established “5G+ Haitian Die Casting Global Application Center”, accomplished the research of 8800T die casting machine and became the “heavy machine of the state” of metal die casting equipment, showing the mien of Haitian people. And I would like to give you a thumb-up.

03 Multiple powers cooperate and sign agreements

Site of the signing ceremony

Haitian Die Casting grows up to be a power depending on the great support of customers. In rapturous applauses, Yue Xiaodong, General Manager of Ningbo Die Casting, Yu Yajun, President of Chongqing Millison Technology Co., Ltd., Lin Guofeng, President of Ningbo Xusheng Auto Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhe Huiming, President of Anhui Huihan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. appeared on the stage to sign the agreement on Strategic Cooperation on Ultra-large Die Casting Machines, joining hands to open a new chapter of development!

04 Witnessing the moment of launch and lifting up the first-rate industry

Launch ceremony of the base

After fulfillment of the agreement signing, leaders at the ceremony moved their steps on the stage and scattered gold dust on the gold-plated launchpad to announce the official completion and launch of Haitian Die Casting Ningbo Bonded Area Base, including Mr. Yan Rongjie, Mr. Ye Wandang, Mr. Yu Bin, Mr. Zhang Jianming, Mr. Yu Yajun, Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, Mr. Zhag Bin and Mr. Yue Xiaodong.

Ceremony for unveiling the stone lions of the office building

Afterwards, in front of the office building of Haitian Die Casting, Zhang Jianming and Yue Xiaodong, respectively the President of Haitian Group and General Manager of Haitian Die Casting, unveiled the stone lines, concluded the satisfactory launch ceremony for Haitian Die Casting Ningbo Bonded Area Base.

The launch of Haitian Die Casting Ningbo Bonded Area Base marks the continuous speed-up and improvement of Haitian Die Casting’s strategy layout, providing powerful supply ability for production and research strength for its ever increasing market demands, assisting it to provide service nationwide and go out internationally with strong industrial base and powerful production chain.


In the future, Haitian Die Casting will rely on the new base and take it as a carrier, comprehensively reinforce the production capacity of various machinery types and gradually improve the research and manufacture of high-end product. Meanwhile, it will aim at the cutting-edge industrial technologies and key areas, devotes to breaking through the technological bottleneck and continuously promote the successful scientific and technological innovation results in die casting industry, so as to create the first-rate world-leading domestic die casting machinery manufacturing base.