Recently, Haitian Die Casting passed the High-tech Enterprise Certification, and was awarded the “National High-tech Enterprise” certificate. This certificate plays an important role in the development of a high-tech enterprise. The income tax of those enterprises that are recognized as high-tech enterprises can be reduced from 25% of the normal tax rate to 15%, and effective for three years according to tax policies for high-tech enterprises.

Haitian Die Casting passed the High-tech Enterprise Certification, which indicates that the enterprise’s ability of scientific research, and transformation ability of scientific research achievements, as well as independent research and development ability and innovation ability are recognized by the national science and technology department, and take the lead in the domestic counterparts. At the beginning of this year, Haitian Die Casting has passed the certification of “Intellectual Property Management System” and “National High-tech Enterprise”, which is helpful to improve the status of Haitian Die Casting in the industry, establish brand image and promote business growth.

For Haitian Die Casting, as an enterprise in the rapid development period, the certification affirms its achievements, and also encourage its further development. Haitian Die Casting will actively respond to the call of “made in China 2025”, adhere to independent innovation and continuous innovation, and increase investment in research and development to promote the enterprise’s core technology.