Warm Celebration of the Opening of Haitian Die Casting (Cixi)
Haitian Die Casting (Cixi), located in No. 775 Huancheng North Road, Zhouxiang, Cixi held the opening ceremony with flowers and fireworks today.

Haitian Die Casting specializes in high-performance cold chamber die casting machines. As the fifth industry of Haitian Group, Haitian Die Casting aims to “equipment for China, equipment for the world” and is committed to promoting progress of China’s die casting industry. Currently, Haitian Die Casting is speeding up its layout and seizing opportunities in the market.

Cixi is the center of die casting industry with a mature industrial chain. Take Zhouxiang for example, there are more than 300 enterprises, including small household appliances, tools, structural parts, lamps and other industries within 20km. With high quality, Haitian Die Casting die-casting products have occupied nearly half of the market share of local and surrounding areas (Yuyao, Shaoxing and other regions) since entering Cixi market for more than a year. The opening of Cixi Company marks further exploration in the local market of Haitian Die Casting.

Mr. Sun Jiqing, general manager of Haitian Die Casting (Cixi), said in his speech that Cixi company will keep up with the ever-changing market demand and continue to adhere to the philosophy “service first” of Haitian Group and provide more thoughtful and perfect services for customers with new capacity and facilities.

Mr. Le Xiaodong, general manager of Haitian Die Casting, said in his speech that the die casting industry faces fierce competition in the market, but the challenges are accompanied by opportunities. Haitian Die Casting will never stop, and always improves product quality, as well as provides more cost-effective products for die casting customers, and narrow the gap with international famous brands.

The opening ceremony was attended by dozens of customers including Ningbo City Fresh Technology Co.,Ltd., Cuori Electrical Appliances Group Co., Ltd., Huayu Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd. and other large enterprises. Everyone agrees that HDC cold chamber die casting machine has high production efficiency and good product quality, and expects Haitian Die Casting to scale new heights and lead the die casting machine industry.