Horizontal cold chamber die casting machine

Haitian HDC Series

  • Clamping force from180-8000 t
  • Fast closing
  • High repeatability precision
  • Energy saving servo drive technology
  • High-strength I-beam steel structure
  • Unique design and equipped with patented pre-fill valve

Excellent die casting solution

Haitian HDC series cold chamber die casting machine is equipped with a precise and user-friendly control system, dynamic and stable shot unit, strong and clamping unit, lightweight and elegant sheet metal design, flexible peripheral extension. It has been gaining increasing recognition in the market.

We are striving to seek for a perfect balance between the lower cost and higher efficiency, reducing the operative difficulty and increasing safety as well. We are able to provide a tailored solution for our customers according to their respective working conditions, which generates higher market competitiveness for them and better user experience.

Quick Check

Shot unit:

dual closed-loop real-time control

Drive technology:


Clamping force:

1.800 – 80.000 kN

Clamp system:

5-point toggle structure

Max. tie bar distance:

2500 x 2500 mm

Shot volume (aluminum):

0.8 – 199 kg

Discover Haitian HDC Series(180T-800T)

Dual closed-loop real-time control injection system (optional)

It is equipped with fast meter-in servo valve + fast meter-out servo valve + intensification meter-out servo valve to realize dual closedloop control of pressure and speed.

Semi closed-loop injection system (optional)

It is equipped with electric control valve + injection curve to realize the automatic adjustment of 1 st phase,2 nd phase and intensification speed, and realize automatic correction; at the same time, it can display the pressure, speed, position and other curves, and record the injection data.

Customized 2 nd phase valve

The fast response valve specially developed for the speed II acceleration performance of the die casting machine has faster, more stable and more durable injection speed.

Thickened three platens

Thickened three platens have high strength, good wear resistance and small deformation.

Adjustment nut

The adjustment nut is made of inner pouring aluminum bronze, which has higher mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance and no ferromagnetism; it has good antifriction, good elongation and long service life; it can ensure smooth mold adjustment, effectively prevent mold adjustment from not moving, and protect pull rod thread.

Machine base design

The frame is of high-strength I-beam structure. The center line of the sliding foot of the formwork and the center line of the upper and lower tie bars are in the same plane with the I-beam support bar. After annealing treatment, the anti-twisting ability and rigidity of the frame are greatly enhanced, which ensures the overall accuracy of the machine for a long time.

Detection and control of hydraulic oil

It is equipped with multiple oil temperature, oil level display and alarm, automatic oil temperature preheating function and independent active pump water cooling system, making the oil temperature control more reliable.

High performance servo system

The high performance servo system of Haitian is adopted to save energy significantly, and the oil cooling mode with high efficiency and stability is configured. (servo)

Discover Haitian HDC Series(1000T-8000T)

Dual closed-loop full real-time control system

It is equipped with fast inlet servo valve + fast outlet servo valve + booster outlet servo valve to realize fast dual closed loop control of pressure.

High system pressure

The pressure of the system can reach 190bar-210bar, the reaction speed of the whole machine is faster and the performance is better.

Upgraded tie bar material

CL516, which is newly developed by Haitian Materials Research Institute, has higher strength and better toughness.

Over stress protection mechanism

The special over stress protection mechanism is adopted for the head plate tie bar nut, which can effectively protect the pull rod and significantly prolong the service life in case of unbalanced force on the mold.

Ejection structure

The ejection rod position is controlled by MTS magnetic scale+ limit switch , double configuration for convenient switching.

Mold opening and closing control

The large flow proportional valve is used to control mold opening and closing, making the mold opening and closing reaction faster and the position more accurate. At the same time, the clamping hydraulic safety valve is configured, making the clamping safety protection more reliable.

Design of independent oil tank

The independent oil tank structure and paint baking process are more favorable to the hydraulic system, and the oil change and maintenance are more convenient.

Multiple security facilities

It is equipped with safety module, front door safety grating, rear door electric eye, life safety lock, lock mode confirmation, machine hinge grating protection, multiple emergency stop switches, so that the operation safety is more guaranteed.