Horizontal cold chamber die casting machine

Haitian HDC Series

  • Clamping force from180-4500 t
  • Fast closing
  • High repeatability precision
  • Energy saving servo drive technology
  • High-strength I-beam steel structure
  • Unique design and equipped with patented pre-fill valve

Excellent die casting solution

Haitian HDC series cold chamber die casting machine is equipped with a precise and user-friendly control system, dynamic and stable shot unit, strong and clamping unit, lightweight and elegant sheet metal design, flexible peripheral extension. It has been gaining increasing recognition in the market.

We are striving to seek for a perfect balance between the lower cost and higher efficiency, reducing the operative difficulty and increasing safety as well. We are able to provide a tailored solution for our customers according to their respective working conditions, which generates higher market competitiveness for them and better user experience.

Quick Check

Shot unit:

dual closed-loop real-time control

Drive technology:


Clamping force:

1.800 – 40.000 kN

Clamp system:

5-point toggle structure

Max. tie bar distance:

1900 x 1800 mm

Shot volume (aluminum):

0.8 – 82.4 kg

Discover Haitian HDC Series

Sensor accumulator

With enlarged accumulator and nitrogen cylinder, the HDC series also applies sensor accumulator, which provides higher precision of accumulation. Functions such as accumulator automatic calculating, intensification failure inspection and automatic unloading functions are also available.

Unique design of the pre-fill valve design

The Haitian patented prefill valve has been adopted in the core structure of the non-floating piston shot unit, with fast response and addressing the issue of unstable pressure and long-time for pressure buildup.

I-beam steel structure

The machine base is made of high strength I-beam steel. The anti-twist ability and rigidity of the machine bed are greatly enhanced to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine after long-time use.

Strengthened clamp unit

The adjusting nut is made of inner cast aluminum bronze, the lock shaft is made of 38CrMoAl with nitrogen treatment. The reinforcement structure applied additionally on the middle platen effectively reduces the deformation; the ejector cylinder is fixed on the reinforcement plate to avoid swinging of the ejector cylinder, uneven ejector force, break of ejector pin and piston rod.

Optimized design of the die height adjustment mechanism

The optimum design of the die height adjustment mechanism better guarantees the quality stability of products, with stretchable pin shaft and self-locking function of the die height adjustment motor, which can effectively address the problem of reduction in locking force due to backward movement of the closing unit.

Fast closing system

The fast closing mechanism uses overflow valve and slope control to realize faster and more smooth die opening and close. It also enables high precision extraction of parts at any position along the opening.

Dual closed-loop and full real-time control shot system

Haitian Die Casting has developed a new-generation of dual closed-loop and full real-time control shot system. The system adopts Siemens control system to achieve closed-loop control over the casting pressure, shot speed, intensification and pressure build-up time. The intensification pressure can be set in six phases. It can ensure high quality and highly stable shot process, which further guarantees the high precision and quality of the casting parts on the customer side.